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Affirmative Action is an important part of what defines our country and how we do business. The law practice of Colette Holt and Associates specializes in all aspects of Affirmative Action and how it integrates with our laws and our economy.

Colette has published many articles of reference and information on Affirmative Action and how it affects businesses, governance, and the public. To read some of these articles click on the link below.

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Our Services

Colette Holt provides legal counsel and consulting services to governments and businesses on procurement and contracting; employment discrimination; regulatory compliance; organizational change; program development, evaluation and implementation; and issues relating to inclusion, diversity and affirmative action. Ms. Holt is a nationally recognized expert in designing, implementing and defending affirmative action programs. She has concentrated her practice in these areas for over 20 years, after serving in senior legal and management government positions.

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